COVID-19 Response

The Coronet & Fonda La Hermanita want our guests and our community to know how deeply we care about the safety of our customers and employees, and how we are responding to the COVID-19 virus outbreak. We hope to continue to offer our customers a lovely dining room and spacious patio in which to enjoy great food and drink, while at the same time exercising all appropriate caution and vigilance toward the threat posed by COVID-19.

We have been and are responding with even more rigorous health standards, new hours of operation, and new delivery and take out services.

We are adding to all the practices and routines below daily as we learn and try to adapt as quickly as we can to the information we receive on this unfolding health crisis.

While we at The Coronet & The Fonda always maintain high standards, we are making some changes to address the COVID-19 crisis specifically.

Health Practices

  • We have laminated our menus and are sanitizing them after each use
  • We are sanitizing our surfaces, chairs, doors, handles, pens, bathrooms, etc – constantly and after each guest has vacated
  • We are having the guests box their own food
  • We are seating guests in the dining room and patio as sparsely as possible.
  • Our staff practice vigilance in hand washing/sanitizing and know to do so after touching a plate or cutlery. Each staff member is aware that the virus may be transmitted by an asymptomatic host and exercises appropriate caution and vigilance.
  • We will not be greeting each other or our guests with a handshake.
  • Staff members are actively and regularly monitoring their health and will not report for work if they have any signs of illness of any kind.

Hours of Operation

The Coronet will reduce our days we are open for the interim. We will now be temporarily closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. We will be open regular hours on Thursday through Sunday.

We will still host Jazz every Thursday and Patio Music every Sunday as an accompaniment to your dinner and drinks.

Delivery & Takeout


We have discussed how to best maintain the quality of our product and be able to deliver it to you. As of Tuesday, March 17, we will have a different menu for delivery available 7 days a week! We will start small but will grow and change the menu as time moves on.

The delivery items will be packaged for an individual or for a family/group of 4. The offerings will be delivered cold and have heating instructions. There will also be side salads and soups. We encourage you to try out this new service and welcome your feedback.

Check out DoorDash, Grubhub, and Postmates for details.


You may call ahead or visit our website for menus. We will offer anything from our regular menu OR our delivery menu for takeout service.

Takeout from both The Coronet & Fonda La Hermanita will be available during regular business hours for each restaurant. Please place your order at least 15 minutes before closing time.